Director of Social Services

/ Municipal Agent


The Municipal Agent for the Elderly program was established in 1972 by the Connecticut State Legislature in order to assure that seniors in each town have an officially appointed representative who is responsible for providing them with information and assistance on services and benefits. Click to view the General Statue on municipal agents for elderly persons.  Click to view the General Statue on municipal agents for elderly persons .


The Director of Social Services and Municipal Agent provides information, referrals and support in seeking resources to assist residents in seeking a variety of local and state services including but not limited to:


  • Medicare Basics
  • Legal Referrals
  • Nutrition Sites
  • Elderly Protective Service Referrals
  • Home Health Aid Support
  • Respite Support
  • Renters Rebate
  • Energy Assistance
  • SNAP, Cash, Medical Assistance
  • Emergency Assistance



Information on Evictions 

Please visit the State of Connecticut Evictions , CTLawHelp Evicitons or websites for further information and forms.

Right to Counsel Program

Right to Counsel Notice

Public Act 21-34 created a Right to Counsel Program for certain tenants living in residential properties. Tenants who are income-eligible may be able to have a free lawyer represent them if they are facing eviction or loss of their housing subsidy.

For more information about the program, call 1-800-559-1565 or visit

Note – This notice must be attached to any summary process notice to quit, summons and complaint, lease termination notice for a public or subsidized housing unit and notice to terminate a state or federal housing subsidy pursuant to Section 1(f)(2) of Public Act 21-34.