Secrets of the Apps: Updated Edition


Do you wonder what could be hiding in plain sight on your child's smartphone? 

Join Woodbury Police Officer Rich Marsh as he takes a deep dive into the world of smartphone apps and their hidden uses.

Officer Rich Marsh has been an officer with the Woodbury Resident Trooper Office for over 14 years and he has served as a 5th Grade DARE program instructor at Woodbury Middle School.  During his time as an officer, Officer Marsh has conducted several large scale investigations involving cellular phones and the apps that people use for nefarious reasons to include drug sales transactions, harassment, bullying, and threatening complaints. 

After an incident occurred at the Woodbury Middle School involving several children and the SnapChat app, it became apparent to Officer Marsh that many parents were not fully aware of the dangers of this app, and the many other popular apps.  He also found that parents wanted to be educated about the dangers and variety of apps that are readily available to kids. 

This program was created to give parents the information and resources that they need to make smart decisions about their child's cellular phone use. 

"Secrets of the Apps" is not only for parents, but also grandparents or anyone else caring for school-aged children.  

Thursday Oct 13, 2022
6:00 PM
Library Gallery Space

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