Camp Fire / Fire Pit / Bonfire ?? May I?

3.3.167 Recreational Fire.  The noncommercial burning of materials other than rubbish for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, or similar purposes in which the fuel burned is not contained in an incinerator, a barbacue grill, or a barbaque pit and the total fuel area is not exceeding 3 ft. in diameter and 2 ft. in height

Our office also requires you keep the flames at or below knee level.  And NEVER burn when the Fire Danger is HIGH.

If you are planning to having a recreational fire in your yard please remember to follow these simple guidelines.

If the fire department is called and responds to your home a fire officer will inspect your recreational fire to make sure if meets the above code requirements.  If it does - great - enjoy the rest of your evening.  If it does not, the brush truck may respond and put the fire out.  The fire officer will contact the Fire Marshal's Office and you will receive a visit from the Fire Marshal to advise you what you need to do in the future to make your burn meet the code.

If the Fire Marshal's Office keeps receiving complaints and you are not following the code requirements you may be issued a summons for wreckless burning that carries a $200.00 fine and a court appearance.  Please follow the simple guidelines to avoid this inconvenience.

We want everyone to be safe and enjoy themselves, but to do it safely,  for them, their neighbors and the community.