First Selectman

The First Selectman shall be the chief elected official, the full-time chief executive officer and the chief administrative officer of the Town. The First Selectman shall be a full voting and participating member of the Board of Selectmen and shall preside at the meetings of said Board. The First Selectman shall be an ex-officio member of all boards and commissions of the Town, without vote but with all other privileges of membership, including without limitation, the right to participate in discussion, to attend executive sessions and to receive all notices, agendas and minutes. The First Selectman may from time to time delegate to another Selectman the right to be an ex-officio member of such boards and commissions as he may specify, in which case the Selectman so designated shall have the same rights and privileges as the First Selectman.
The First Selectman shall have all of the powers, duties and responsibilities conferred by the General Statutes, this Charter, and the Woodbury Code of Ordinances upon first selectmen, chief executive officers and chief administrative officers. He shall have such other powers, duties and responsibilities as are conferred by the Board of Selectmen which are not inconsistent with the General Statutes, this Charter or the Woodbury Code of Ordinances. The First Selectman also shall have all the powers necessary or incidental to the discharge of the duties and responsibilities of the office as set forth in this Charter.
Under the direction of the Board of Selectmen, the First Selectman shall:

   1. Organize and manage the administration of the departments of the Town;

   2. Implement or cause the implementation of ordinances, resolutions, policies and other action voted by the Board of Selectmen or the Town Meeting;

   3. Coordinate the Board of Selectmen in the discharge of all the Board's duties and responsibilities;

   4. Present a State of the Town report to the Annual Town Meeting; and

   5. Cause the following to be prepared, submitted to the Board of Selectmen for approval and, upon approval, filed with the Town Clerk:

          a. A written job description for each Town Employee that includes the regular   qualifications for appointment to such position. The description may include offices and positions established by this Charter except elected offices.

          b. A set of personnel rules which shall provide, among other things, for a probationary period of employment, hours of work, vacation, sick leave and other leaves of absence, removals and such other rules as may be necessary to provide an appropriate and systematic procedure for the administration of the personnel affairs of the Town.

          c. Any appropriate amendments to existing descriptions of job or position duties and responsibilities, minimum qualifications and personnel rules.

   6. Prepare, submit to the Board of Selectmen for approval and, upon approval, furnish to the Board of Finance and file with the Town Clerk an Organization and Pay Plan for all compensated offices and positions in the Town, whether elected or appointed, full or part time, salaried or hourly, and, from time to time, prepare and propose any appropriate amendments thereto.