Land Use / Town Planner

Land Use / Town Planner

Our staff is responsible for implementing and enforcing land use regulations; processing applications and issuing permits; and providing information and guidance to the public, town officials and town agencies.  Our charge is to maintain the quality of Woodbury’s residential, business and industrial districts while also protecting the town’s natural resources.


Contact Us For Questions & Permitting Information Regarding:
Zoning • Inland Wetlands & Watercourses • Historic District
• Planning • Zoning Board of Appeals • Aquifer Protection • Conservation



Aquifer Protection Agency



Conservation Commission



Historic District Commission


 -       Showing Districts 1 & 2

-       Showing District 1 North

-       Showing District 1 South

-       Showing District 2



Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Agency



Planning Commission



Zoning Board of Appeals


 -          Variance

 -          Appeal of Zoning Enforcement Decision

 -          Special Permit for Change of Use


Zoning Commission