Emergency Management

The Woodbury Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is an all volunteer department within the town that holds the responsibility of comprehensive planning for all types of disaster, whether man-made or natural.   The OEM may also be requested to provide consequence management for large special events such as major gatherings, visiting dignitaries etc. 

It is the Emergency Management Director's job to ensure the residents of the town are kept apprised of various situations as well as brief the town officials, liasioning between the town and state Emergency Operations Center.  The Emergency Management Director also chairs the Local Emergency Planning Committee, which consists of various departments that will be called upon during a disaster to lend aid.  This constant coordination and planning goes a long ways in rendering aid during a response.

One of the best way to get information during a disaster is to receive it from our Emergency Notification System known as Code Red.  The Code Red notification system is a mass notification system where town official can record and send out important messages regarding status of the town, sheltering information, etc.  The Code Red system will NOT be used for anything other than emergencies. 

If there are any questions, comments or concerns -- The Emergency Management Staff can be reached at 203-695-3037 or emailed at: Emergency Management



Hazardous Trees Need to Be Removed

Trees are a beautiful and treasured feature of New England’s cultural landscape. In Woodbury, nearly a dozen notable town trees are among the state’s largest and most historic.
Sadly, the dire health of our trees has reached a crisis point due to Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy Moth infestation, and cumulative drought conditions. In 2020, 77 percent of Eversource customers in Connecticut who experienced power outages were impacted by tree-caused outages.
As Woodbury’s emergency management director, tree warden and first selectwoman, and Eversource’s vegetation management director, we recognize that managing the state’s many dead and dying trees to help prevent power outages and enhance public safety requires our partnership.
Our collaborative approach is making a difference in Woodbury. Together, we’ve flagged for removal many dead and dying hazardous ash trees along the roadways that threaten reliable electric service for the town’s residents and businesses, as well as public safety.
As the number of dead and dying trees along our streets has increased in the past few years, Eversource has documented an increase in the number of Connecticut property owners who are refusing to provide permission to address them. When one property owner in a neighborhood doesn’t allow proper tree maintenance, this can undo all the other tree work that crews completed in the area and even in other communities.
If your trees are showing signs of stress like thinning of the crown, loss of foliage and the presence of mushrooms near the base, call a licensed arborist to help assess them. Improving the health of your trees will help prevent tree-related damage and enhance the aesthetics and value of your property.
You can be a good neighbor by working with us to address hazardous trees and maintaining the health of the trees on your property.