Transfer / Recycling


The Town of Woodbury thanks all residents for their patience as we roll out the permanent waste reduction program at our Transfer Station.  This new program, unlike anything we have attempted before, is a proven strategy for reducing the overall volume of trash produced and hauled from our town. 
We appreciate your earnest efforts to make it successful.    


***Woodbury Trash/Composting Bags***

Beginning July 1st, Transfer Station users will be required to begin using Town of Woodbury plastic garbage bags when bringing trash (orange bags) and organic material (green bags) to the Transfer Station.  Bags are available for sale at Labonnes Market and Ace Hardware in Woodbury.  Thirteen-gallon kitchen sized garbage bags are $1.00 each.  Extra-large, 33-gallon bags are $1.65 each.  Green composting bags are $0.25 and $0.15 each, depending upon size. 

***Transfer Station Stickers – Good for 3 years***

During the months of July and August, Transfer Station stickers will be available at no charge in the Assessor’s Office (Boyd) and the First Selectman’s Office (Shove) between the hours of 8 am – 4 pm.  As was the case this year, there is a limit of 2 stickers/family.  Beginning September 1st, the new (green) stickers must be displayed on your car’s windshield in order for you to access the Woodbury Transfer Station.  Please continue to display your blue sticker until September 1st.

When you come to get your new sticker(s), please be prepared to show evidence that you are a Woodbury resident/taxpayer. Please also be able to provide the license plate number(s) of the car(s) that will be displaying the sticker(s). 

  • Other than household garbage, residents must check with monitor for disposal
  • ALL material must be prepared prior to entering facility.
  • ALL materials are subject to inspection.  
  • No full truck loads accepted after 3:00PM


Remember, recycling reduces waste, saves energy and contributes to a healthier planet.  It is also the law.  Fines up to $100 may be levied per town ordinance.  If you need further information about recycling, please contact the Public Works Office at 203 263 3633.