"The mission of the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department is to deliver to the citizens of the Town of Woodbury the highest degree of protection of life, property and the environment that is technologically possible and economically feasible.  This service shall be provided in the safest and most efficient manner possible."


The Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department was officially recognized on June 7, 1928 and responds to approximately 310 calls for assistance /emergencies a year. 

The Department maintains seven pieces of apparatus, one gator, a Haz-Mat trailer and a Command Vehicle.

The Department Officers, Chief and Deputy Chief, are elected by the firefighters of both companies every two years. 

The Company Officers, which are comprised of a Captain, First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant, are elected by the members of each company and serve their respective companies for one year.

All officers and firefighters are required to meet rigid inter-department and state-mandated training and certification requirements. The department is very proud of our training and the high standards we have set for ourselves.   

The Department is funded by the Town of Woodbury's municipal budget, which is line item based.  The Chief, with the help of the Officers, prepares and presents the budget yearly to the Department, the Board of Fire Commissioner's, the Selectmen and the Board of Finance.

For further information on becoming a volunteer firefighter for the Town of Woodbury or you would like to know more about the Fire Department please visit there own website at www.woodburyfd.org


This 1m5s clip shows that the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department does more than just put out fires. It is the first of many "trailer" type videos we hope to post to bring our family closer to yours. From fires, responses, training, events and spending time in the community - we want you to see and be apart of what we do. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you....

Enjoy this first trailer.