The responsibilities of the Assessor’s office are to discover, list and value all real estate, motor vehicles and personal property located within the Town of Woodbury and to administer Public Act 490, tax relief programs and exemptions. These responsibilities are done in accordance with Connecticut State Statutes, Rules and Regulations of the Office of Policy and Management for the State of Connecticut and local ordinances. 


Starting February 1, 2024, applications for the STATE TAX RELIEF PROGRAM FOR HOMEOWNERS AND TOTALLY DISABLED PERSONS for the October 2023 Grand List will be available in the Assessor’s Office and on the Town’s website .
Applicants must be 65 years of age by the December 31, 2023, a Connecticut resident for one year prior to filing application, and must reside at the property for which tax relief is sought.  
Any individual, who has been deeded a life use of a property for which they are liable for taxes also qualify for the program. 
People who are totally disabled and are receiving Social Security Disability benefits regardless of age are also eligible. (Proof of disability required)
Homeowners currently on the program who are required to re-file this year will be sent their applications. Income limits are $53,400 for married and $43,800 for single individual. 
These amounts include Social Security benefits, and proof of income must be submitted with application.  Applications can be returned by May 15,2024, to the Assessor’s Office, 281 Mains St. South.
FINAL DEADLINE TO FILE FOR THIS BENEFIT IS MAY 15TH.  Applications must be hand delivered to the Assessor’s Office if filed after April 15, 2024.
Veterans Exemption applications are also available.  Deadline for filing is October 1, 2024. Income limits are the same as for the homeowners, except for the 100% VA determined, disabled.  Those limits are: $21,000 for married and $18,000 for single and is the adjusted gross income only.
In addition, the town also offers an additional homeowners program and veterans program.  The guidelines and income levels for the town veterans program are the same as for the state program.  The town homeowners’ program has a three year residency requirement and the maximum income level is $58,100 for married and $53,400 for single individual.  
Those seeking additional information may call the Assessor’s Office at 203-263-2435.



Our Office hours are: MONDAY – FRIDAY / 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.    

Any questions, please call the Assessor’s Office at 203-263-2435.





Assement Calendar

02/01  BAA hearing Grievance filing request BEGINS 
  Homeowner/Elderly filing period begins
02/20 BAA Grievance filing request ENDS
03/31 Deadline for Disabled Vets proof
04/15 Postmark deadline for applications from Homeowners
05/15 Homeowner application period ENDS
06/01 Income & Expense form due
09/01 PA 490 filing period begins
09/30 Honorable discharge filing deadline - Town Clerk
10/01 Totally Disabled applications due
  Local Blind or Disabled applications due
  Certification of Forestland due
  Additional Veteran's applications due
10/31 PA 490 appliction due
11/01 Personal Property filing deadline
  Farm Machinery application due
  Quadrennial Exemption request M-3 due



The main function of the Assessor’s Office is to prepare and perfect the Grand List.


     •The Grand List is comprised of all taxable and tax exempt properties, real, personal and motor vehicles.


     •The real estate list is adjusted for new construction, additions and alterations. Owner’s names and exemptions are maintained and updated.


     •The Motor Vehicle Department sends lists to us twice each year.  The state decides each year what publication for valuation is to be used.  The past several years the NADA books were approved. 


     •The Personal Property List is comprised of business furniture, fixtures & equipment. Each year business owners declare these items prior to November 1st.


After the Grand List is signed on Jan 31st, the Board of Assessment Appeals conducts hearings to review appeals.


The Assessor’s Office is responsible for certain State mandated reporting requirements.


The office administers exemption programs and assistance programs offered by the State of Connecticut and the Town of Woodbury.