Woodbury Ct Chamber of Commerce

This business and community organization was founded in 2018 as a means to improve the economic, civic and cultural wellbeing of the area. Through marketing community events , networking, and creating a friendly business environment the goal is to  sustain and attract new business growth in Woodbury.  Membership is not limited to business owners and also includes retired business people as well as residents.  For more information please visit us at www.woodburyctchamber.com



The Western Ct Tourism Database is in need of an update and we are asking all restaurants, museums and small business attractions to fill out this form so that their business may be linked to the Visit CT website.  This is an excellent way of getting free advertising from the State of Connecticut and being part of a website that is frequently viewed.  If interested, please fill out this form to be included.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What are eligible, essential small businesses?
Eligible, essential small businesses must have 50 employees or less with a need for surgical masks.
The list of essential businesses is available here:  https://portal.ct.gov/DECD/Content/Coronavirus-Business-Recovery/Business-Exemptions-for-Coronavirus

Should all eligible, essential small businesses request masks?

Eligible, essential small businessesand employees that have limited contact with the public are strongly urged to create their own facemasks following CDC guidelines. We must ensure the limited supply of surgical masks is available to eligible, essential businesses that need them the most.  


How many times can surgical masks be used?

The CDC recommends the preservation of necessary PPE by instituting extended use policies. Additionally, FEMA, recommends preservation methods to reduce, reuse and repurpose PPE. Both FEMA and CDC guidelines can be found here.


Is there a limit to the number of Surgical Masks that can be requested?

Eligible, essential small businessesmust limit their total request to 2 surgical masks per employee. The maximum request should not exceed 100 masks.


How do eligible, essential small businesses make a request?
Eligible, essential small businesses can make a request on the CBIA-CONNSTEP Portal at the following link: https://www.ctcovidresponse.org/ct-smb-surgical-mask-requests. At this time, only surgical masks are available to eligible, essential small businesses.